HighVizPR + Promotion = the new journalism. Politics = Show Biz! News is entertainment?
  • WHAT? NO SHOW-BIZ FEUD on HIS show? What the DNC hath wrought -- NOW! ....... .... (((GROAN)))) ..........abbebuck on twitter: when does it end?
  • RUSH-BOSS on front page of WA-PO - it's all show biz, kids
  • Hedda Hopper & Louella Parsons, a classic Hollywood Feud? Its just those POL hacks, Demo-gag Rush Limbaugh and Republican Party Chair Michael Steele!
  • Rush! in my mailbox - Obama is failing - right now! OMG!
  • Isn't Michael Steele.... the new Chair of the Republican National Committee?
  • I reckon Cousin Rahm is saying "Keep your friends close, but keep your "Limbaughs" closer (mmmmhmmmm!)
  • CNBC: Betting on OBAMA (sic) The Trump Way (and why this does not at all surprise me!)
  • Paul Harvey, 1918-2009, "and know the rest of the story!"
  • Well, I liked Bobby Jindal! (Gov. LA, (R)
  • Listening to the President speak while I Twitter...I think of a quote by Confucius
  • The Pres. Speaks to Congress - ((( and we will rebound with Optimism ))) YES, WE CAN DO IT!