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on mobile devices, here are some good reasons to mobilize your site today.

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A few weeks ago, I installed a new code snipset on the news reader dashboard mcsquare  that would enable visitors on mobile devices to find their experience on the site worthwhile and make it more likely they would stick around on their visit, and maybe even return again.
The code snipset is the code generated from mobilesitemaker and it automatically knows a mobile device when it’s accessing content on the site.
So instead of the web pages you see on a desktop or laptop screen, you’d see content displayed in a manner far more appropriate for the small screen of your typical mobile phone, like the example you see on the here:


What this website looks like when I access it on my iPhone 4 smartphone.
You just can’t expect anyone with a screen this small to have any kind of pleasurable time on your website if what they get is a minute version of a standard web page with text looking so small that you can’t read it even with a magnifying glass. I bet a lot of people do what I do in such situations: leave.
Services like the mobile site maker give you a little bit of insight into how many visitors to your site arrive via a mobile device. Handy stats but hardly exciting. But if you sign up for a standard account or pro account, with adsense/analytics,  then you’ll see some metrics that are quite eye-opening.
I’ve just taken a look at the mobile mobile traffic on realtime news dashboard over the past week and  Wow!

mobile site maker


This may (should) have an influence on how you present your content on the web.
Ton the blog’s no doubt that more people are spending more time on the web via a mobile device of some sort. Not just reading website content but using increasingly-indispensible services like Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter.  Morgan Stanley, the financial services firm, last December (2009) in their Mobile Internet Report expresses things succinctly:

        * Mobile ramping faster than desktop internet did and will be bigger than most think – 5 trends converging (3G + social networking + video + VOIP + impressive mobile devices)
        * Regarding pace of change, we believe more users will likely connect to the internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs within 5 years

Enabling your website as a mobile platform is very easy if your site has an rss or you have a blog.

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