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Meet our amazing team

GmbhNews mobile is a service from Omer Networks

Our simple aim: make mobile site creation and monetization ridiculously easy!

Gmbhnews mobile allow users to create and monetize the mobile versions of their websites in under 60 seconds without logging in or any html/css/php/ or any other programming knowledge. Users can enter their website’s credentials in under 60 seconds, and after review the mobile site will be up and running OR reject you if you advertise PORN or nasty stuff... Hey we’re good Kids!

Who might use this, you say?

Cool bloggers, amazing small businesses, real online publishers, great online newspapers, savvy Wordpress users, Joomla users, static site owners, CMS users, local online newspapers....and YOU.

The most popular usage scenario is for savvy busy publishers with no nerves or time to invest in a custom (buggy) self-hosted solution; publisher who just wants to have a mobile version of their website and do whatever they wish with it; people who want to give their mobile users an amazing user experience... We let you do what you do best, and we do what we are good at.

Who might not use this?

E-Commerce shops or Flash websites.

Who we are:

I'm a young entrepreneur leaving in Germany. I love technology, gadgets and entrepreneurship, and I'm the nerd in the house. Charly Omer

Christina is our Brain control - she makes sure we don't go crazy and always deliver the best to our customers and our partners. She's amazing.

Judith is our Blond Bond Girl for all situations. She loves travelling, learning about new cultures, Ju-Jitsu and messing with tax stuff and paper work.

Our story:

A year ago, while surfing the web, we noticed that many websites had no mobile-optimized versions of their sites and after trying to figure out how to EASILY create a mobile site we had to admit that there were no easy ways to do that! Non-programmers could not create mobile versions of their websites, meaning any average blogger, small business, publisher etc was at a disadvantage.

After further investigation I found that mobile technology was growing at a very fast pace while publishers were ignoring the problem or just didn’t know how to solve it. I found many popular online newspapers with no mobile versions of their website, as well as numerous small businesses, blogs and more.

Solutions on the market such as however expected the publisher to at least have some programming knowledge.

We’re always open to speaking to customers, the press, or anyone else who wants to get in contact: please send an email to Christina Clark ,

CEO: Charly Omer

Tel: 00491798466159

Twitter: @charlyomer